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Most common 9 Reasons why people fail

One of the most questions I get from my followers on Social media is success related. How can I achieve massive success? How can I improve my lifestyle? How can I....?

Achieving results is not a rocket since, yet a lot of people fail! 

After analyzing 10.000 Cases My Team and I have identified common failure reasons. The reasons can be systemized into 9 categories. 

So let's dive in and analyze them closely. 

We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.


1.   Poor Discipline - Busy Being Busy

“Self-discipline is a form of freedom. Freedom from laziness and lethargy, freedom from the expectations and demands of others, freedom from weakness and fear – and doubt. Self-discipline allows a pitcher to feel his individuality, his inner strength, his talent. He is master of, rather than slave to, his thoughts and emotions.” – H.A. Dorfman, The Mental ABCs of Pitching


Being disciplined is one of the critical factors in achieving success. However, the majority of the people lag this vital trait. There is a wrong perception that either you are born disciplined or not. However, the reality is the exact opposite; you need to develop it.  With consistency and self-control, anyone can achieve it.

Although it seems complicated in the beginning, once you develop the habit of doing everything within time, your life will be much more comfortable in the long run, and you would not have to face failure.

You will often observe poor discipline in the new generation, especially millennials. There are many reasons for their poor disciplinary habits like fear of commitment, being comfortable in delaying things, considering oneself not even worthy. However, these all are just mind distractions that are hurdles in your pathway to success.

It is the lack of consistency and patience in people that leads to poor choices, and they find the comfort zone in poor disciplinary habits. Therefore, to be successful, you need to come out of that comfort zone and develop a practice of good discipline by doing things on time and not delaying the actions.

2.   Overthinking

Your right actions define your success. However, if you are an overthinker on every matter, then you would not be able to take any action at all, or it would be too late to take any action. Therefore, overthinking kills success.

There is a misconception amongst people regarding thinking and overthinking. They are often confused about how much to think about a matter. That is why many business plans and proposals never get a life because they are always in the process of making them perfect.

There is no such thing as perfection. Your actions will define your destiny. It is good to brainstorm about ideas before taking any action; however, taking no action at all kills the purpose. You must set up a timeline that separates the thinking time and action time. So, you make sure that your plan is executed in real life, not only on papers.

People try to collect a lot of information because they are afraid of committing any mistake. However, mistakes can be improved, but the time lost in gathering useless information cannot be recovered. You can make improvements during the process. But not starting the process at all is a fool's play.

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3.   Loser Mentality (not ready to win)

Your thinking will start your success. It is the starting point of almost everything. A right way of thinking can lead you to heights of success, and a loser's mentality is a sure way to fail.   A good thought process keeps you ready for success.

Once a wise man said, "you become what you think" that is so true. A person with a loser mentality will always focus on the failure and how to avoid it; however, he will always end up failing. On the other hand, a person focusing on self-improvement and have a positive mindset, that will derive different ways to become successful, and he will become successful eventually.

There is power in your thought process, which allows you to attract things. If you are thinking about success, then it will come. You need to work on your focus and develop an optimistic mindset that allows you to focus on your goals and avoid distractions.

People who are always complaining about their problems are wasting their time and energy. Because complaining itself is a negative thought process that can do nothing good for you, therefore, you must spend your energy positively, which can bring good results in your life.

Distraction is the killer of the productivity.

4.    Distraction

Focus is a significant issue in this modern era. Especially after the arrival of the internet and social media, people cannot control themselves from being distracted. This is a substantial issue in the new generation because they are too busy in their smartphones that they are unable to focus on the real stuff that can lead them to success.

Many people in businesses fail not because of commitment or lacking skills but because of distractions. They will start a task, and suddenly they will get a notification on their Facebook or Instagram, which will create curiosity in them. They will leave the task in between and explore social media, and in this way, they will lose focus and interest in the work.

This habit substantially decreases efficiency. People who can achieve a task in 2 hours can take even 8 hours to complete because their lives are full of stuff that is affecting their focus. Therefore, it is essential to remove all the distractions before starting the work so that you do not lose your focus.

This will not only save time but also enhance the quality of your work. Imagine the quality of work that is done in bits and pieces as compared to the job done in complete flow and full attention.

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5.   No Clear Goal

Setting a clear goal is very critical for achieving success in life. People often fail because they do not know what they want in their lives, and therefore they could not set clear goals that can lead to success.

When you do not know what you want in your life, then it is like driving a car without knowing the destination. You might waste a lot of time wandering here and there. As you know, time is the most precious asset, and wasting time leads you to failure.

Most successful corporate leaders realized it in the very beginning that what they want in their lives and worked in that direction. Like Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla had a clear goal to transform the image of electric cars, and he achieved success. It is the power of a clear goal that drives you towards success.

You do not waste time, and your efforts are so focused that every second of your hard work pays off.  Therefore, keep asking yourself what you want to achieve in your life. Set the target at the very beginning of your career and split it into small tasks that need to be done within a specific timeframe. This will not only bring excellent results but also give you time to relax and enjoy life.

6.   No Plan

A bad plan is acceptable because it can be improvised over time; however, no plan is a success killer. Once you have set your goals, now it is time to transform it into reality. Most people fail because they are always daydreaming about their great ideas and do not work on planning.

 You have to do proper planning and divide the tasks into small chunks so that you can measure your success in real-time. Your unplanned actions can put you in real trouble, which can disturb your financial sheet. If you have no plan, you will try to do everything, and highly likely, you will fail in each task.

Successful people do not try everything; they prioritize their tasks and focus on completing the most important one first. There is a sequence in the habits of successful people; they know how to utilize time in the most important things and eliminate time-wasting activities.

These successful people plan everything. They wake up and plan the whole day to keep themselves engaged in the most rewarding activities. This process is very beneficial financially as well as spiritually. It keeps them motivated all the time, and they exactly know what to do next.

Hence if you have this habit of going with the flow and not plan your ideas, you would not be able to transform your dreams into reality. Planning is the key to every success. Do not worry about bad plans because you can always improve those down the road.

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7.   Asking Wrong People for Advice (No Mentorship)

Unsuccessful people usually do not have any mentor to idolize. They are in the habit of asking for advice from unsuccessful people, and those people can give you advice with their limited mindset, which is a poison for your success journey.

You must remember that not everyone is worthy of advising you. You and only you should control your life through the proper thought process. You have to idolize successful people and study their lives. Try to adopt their habits, and they work ethics.

There is a vast literature available for being a successful person. However, not every book can help you. You have to dig deep and pick the right material, which can transform your failure into success.

Unsuccessful people often fall into the trap of idolizing people who achieved one-time success by chance. Be aware of such people because they have no idea how they did it and might end up giving you bad advice, which can even ruin your career.

According to a case study by Harvard Business School, if you ask for advice from multiple people, it can backfire. Each person can have his perspective of looking at the world, and they can advise you accordingly, which can make you confused.

8.   Poor self-esteem

A reasonable confidence can cover many demerits in you. However, poor self-esteem can overshadow many significant aspects within you. It can affect everything regarding your career and even your relationships.

Therefore, people with low self-esteem usually end up failing in their lives. People with this complex usually hate being themselves and want to adopt the lives of someone else. They try to fake things and lose their originality, which creates a depression in them.

They are usually obsessed with being a perfect person, which ultimately makes them oversensitive on small issues. However, in real life, there is no such thing as perfection. The success journey requires a lot of patience and mature in dealing with daily events.

People with poor self-esteem try to please everyone around them. They do not know how to say "No," which makes them vulnerable to being misused by people around them. This is not only a wastage of time and energy but also creates anxiety in them and can be drastic for mental health.

9.   Fail to build a team and network

If you want to run fast, you must run alone. However, if you're going to run far, you must have a bunch of people accompanying you. You alone can achieve a considerable amount of success; however, if you have the talent to build a good team, you can achieve success beyond your imagination.

Having a good team allows you to focus on other significant issues, which ultimately increases your chances of being more successful. However, unfortunately, this trait of building a team is not present in everyone. Without a good team, your success is limited and cannot go beyond a certain point. These people are not sure about the team efforts and cannot identify the star performers.

Try to learn how to retain talented people in your team and reward them the right incentives to make sure they remain an essential part of your business. Never underlook people beneath you and give opportunities to the rising talent because they can become a good asset for you in the future.


Being successful is a choice which you can always avail through the right decisions. Mistakes are an essential part of the success journey; however, it is equally important to improve those mistakes and never repeat them.

This self-improvement will enhance your personality overtime because success is not an overnight thing. You need to patient and learn from the mistakes you have made. I have tried to jot down these 9 common mistakes, which should be taken care of. So, you might not end up wasting your time and energy.


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