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10 Skills to Master Before Starting a Business

Starting your own business can be a fascinating idea because it is the dream of every person. Your business will give you liberty and a chance to explore your true potential.

However, it is a fool's play to start the business without any preparation. You should master some necessary skills that will help you save time and money.

Below are the top 10 skills to master before launching a business.

1. Social Media Marketing

After the advent of social media platforms, the marketing industry has changed a lot. Now small and medium businesses have the opportunity to reach the clients through focused advertisements.

Every small and big industry is capturing on this new social media marketing tool. Therefore, it is crucial for you as well to master this skill.

There are many social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc.

Each of these platforms has different types of users and advertising costs. You need to match the nature of your business to the most suitable platform and capitalize on it from the very beginning.

2. Google Sheets

Those days are gone when you need to manage your excel files in hard drives. There was always a fear of data corruption, which can cause a tremendous financial hit.

Now you can use the Google Sheet platform for your data storage needs. You can make financial models, data analysis and do all types of calculations on it and that too on a web browser.

It is a great relief for the business community because they can do not have to worry about the storage and security of their financial data. Everything is stored in the cloud and can be shared with a simple link with clients or any related person.

3. Cost-Based Accounting

Financial Accounting can be a dry subject for many people, and they could not just figure it out. You can always hire an accountant for your financial accounting needs because you need to calculate the profitability of your business.

However, things are a bit different for cost-based accounting.

This is an essential skill for any entrepreneur because it helps to allocate the resources and make a major financial decision.

Cost-based accounting is much simpler and straightforward as compared to financial accounting yet has a significant impact on any business decision.

4. Time Management

The most critical resource in the world is "time" because you cannot recover it. Therefore, time-management is an essential skill to master for entrepreneurs.

The most successful entrepreneurs are the best time managers. You can find a lot of content online, which you can utilize to polish your time management skills.

If you master this skill, your life as an entrepreneur will become much more manageable. You can manage tasks within the timeframe and offer your services without any delay.

5. Strategy Development

The success of businesses is based on the right type of strategy. The core responsibility of a businessman is to make correct and timely decisions. This is only possible if they can devise the right strategy for the company.

You alone cannot make the strategy for your business. Try to learn to involve your employees and stakeholders in the discussion to give suggestions to develop a strategy.

6. Networking

No business can survive without proper communication and networking. You need people in your network who can help your business grow. Therefore, relationship building is essential for your new business.

You need to develop the skill of networking before the launch of your business because you will have to approach people to grow your business. You can practice the networking technique available online. You can also attend seminars and training on how to build your network.

7. Business Leadership

Your employees will see you as a leader and role model. So, you should possess some excellent business leadership skills to motivate them. There is a misconception that this skill is inborn and cannot be learned. However, it is utterly wrong because you can develop this skill through proper and consistent training.

No one in the world is born perfect. Learning to become a business leader is although a long journey; however, you must learn the basics like never giving up and staying positive all the time. These tactics will help you to face difficult times in your business.

8. Negotiation

Negotiation is a must-have skill for any entrepreneur. A good negotiator can save a lot of resources for his company. Therefore, you need to master this skill. Although this is an inborn skill, however, with proper training, you can master it as well. Negotiation skills can be learned through different activities in the testing environment.

There is a lot of content available online, which you can utilize to polish your negotiation skill.

9. Visual Design

This is a digital age, and everything is seen on the screen. People now prefer eCommerce stores instead of brick and mortar stores. If at all they are going to purchase the product or service offline, they will check it on the internet first. For this reason, the web presence of any business is crucial now.

The visual design of your website and social media pages plays a vital role in closing any deal. This is the first impression of the business towards your potential customers. Therefore it should be a good one. You must learn this essential skill to improve the appearance and design of your service and product.

10. Non-Verbal Communication

Although your vocal communication skills are vital for your business, it is half the job done; the other half is non-verbal communication. This is the non-linguistic transmission of information through your body language and other gestures.

Some of the most successful businessmen possess excellent non-verbal communication skills, which helps them to win every deal. You must also learn the basics of this skill to help your business grow.


In a nutshell, starting a business can be a stimulating activity for anyone. However, starting without any preparation can lead to significant failure. Some most common and essential skills are crucial for any business around the globe.

I have jotted down the top 10 skills which you should learn before starting your venture to increase the chances of success. These are prerequisites for any business and can be learned through online resources.


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